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Hi, my name is Alex Cameron, and im a competitive ametuer body builder. Ive just put together a great resource site on body building and lean muscle. Im wanting to let you in on a range of secrets that I use for getting that bodybuidling hobby on the right starting plane. 

The most important part of your routine is to eat properly!

You hear it time and time again. Its well known that its harder to iron out your diet right, than it is to turn upto the gym and go through your routine. Im fully aware of this, and I know what its like because ive been in your position before. It wasnt until I turned the advice into action that I actually put on weight and size.

One of the most common diet mis statements that people make, is they think you have to eat almost all protien and little else in order to get massive. Be careful of this advice!

Ideally and for the best outcomes, what you need to do is wait till the times of day when your body is set to injest and use the protien via your metabolism. For a good kick start, you want to ‘wake’ your body into life by eating morning foods that stimulate the muscular and digestive system.

For breakfast, a great idea is to take in complex carbos, and fibre. Grain toast, wholemeal bread, porridge and oats are good examples. Fruits give vitamens and fibre is irreplacable for a healthy digestive system, and ensure the stomach is ready for the protien kick you will unleash on it later on.

A protien shake in the morning is good, but save the harder to digest protiens for later in the day, such as poultry or beef.

By morning tea time, or 10am, you should be ready for another hit. Now is when foods like pasta and brocolli or perhaps a tub of cottage cheese (250g) is what you should be having. For those with a sweeter tooth, a low fat low sugar yoghurt is a good option, with some banana and wholemeal bread.

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