Apply For Help With Prescriptions – Drug Companies Are Relaxing Their Guidelines

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Newly laid off from her job and suffering from Depression and asthma, Vickie Wilson faces a bunch of complex issues. After she lost her job in Phoenix a few months back, she lost her medical insurance, as well, and several of her prescription medicine cost a bundle.

“Having to opt between food, apartment rental, and the light bill, I at times don’t choose my prescription medication,” the 37 -year-old said. She must not be skipping her medication since it leaves her out of breath and light headed.

After contacting an independent prescription assistance company, she is well on her road to getting the prescription drug help that she requires. The depression and the political debate over health care reform have caused a number of of the drug companies to relax their program procedure.
Similar to the majority pharmaceutical companies Merck for example, operates a prescription assistance program that offers medicines, for free, to individuals who qualify. The individual must have no healthcare insurance or your healthcare insurance coverage is not enough. A few months in the past Merck increased the earnings guidelines from 200 % of the federal poverty level to 400 percent.

Two other organizations, Pfizer Inc. and AstraZeneca P.L.C., recently announced they would loosen their guidelines and allow unemployed people to sign up, in spite of of how much they used to make. They still need to present proof that they are jobless.

Bureaucracy remains a key impediment, however, since many individuals need medicine from several organizations and each company has their own form that you must fill out. It’s often a complex process and every pharmaceutical company is a little different. As a rule companies call for the physician to take part in the process and most still require proof of income. Denials for not completing the form right are not rare.

The Partnership for Prescription Assistance, an trade-sponsored group, claims it has assisted over 7  million citizens over the most recent 5  years discover programs that assist citizens without presciption insurance get their medicine for free.
At present, she uses several different methods to obtain the help with prescriptions that she needs. She receives   of the generic medication she needs at Rite-Aid for $4 each, per month and   of the very costly brand name prescription drugs she gets for free directly from the drug company.

She is still looking for work and admits “I’ll take anything”. The final time she worked was in the installation unit for the power company. However, she is glad to have some support.”I am unemployed and I have no medical insurance” she said. “Being able to obtain help with prescription medicine is great.”

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