An Overlooked Way to Possibly Prevent Breast Cancer

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All women want to be able to prevent breast cancer. Breast cancer kills thousands of women each year. Every year researchers spend so much money trying to find a cure for breast cancer. But the best and easiest way to stay safe is to just take every step possible to preventing breast cancer in the first place.

As early as 1993, studies published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute indicated that there might be a link between omega 3 fatty acids and breast cancer prevention. The results aren’t conclusive as of yet, but many more studies have come out also indicating this connection. Fish oil and flax oil contain loads of omega 3 fatty acids. They contain anti-inflammatory compounds and contribute to your hearts overall health. The anti-inflammatory nature of this compound could be what helps to prevent breast cancer.

These omega 3s in your diet will normally come from fish or flax seeds. You could have a moderate omega 3 deficiency if you don’t really eat fish or flax seed. You can really hurt some aspects of your health. It can contribute to depression and cardiovascular problems. Plus, it can totally mess with your immune system making you more susceptible to auto-immune issues, diabetes and migraines.

The auto-immune issue is where the researchers think that omega 3s can also help with breast cancer prevention. An anti-inflammatory agent could really help to calm down those cells that have gone “haywire”. If the cell is calmed and does not start dividing uncontrollably, then the cancer could be avoided.

Most people trying to prevent cancer will start taking a daily omega 3 supplement. So at the very least they give to a variety of aspects of their health, especially heart health and memory function. They are still researching whether the omega 3 supplements can actually help prevent breast cancer, but why not just be prepared?

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