Aerobics Cardio – Water Aerobics – Good Way to Exercise For Seniors Also

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Over the past year, I have observed hundreds of people in the gym that have been told to strictly perform 30-60 minutes of cardio, between 3-5 times per week, and they look exactly the same as they first started. If I just described the results of your exercise program, then read on because you are finally going to understand why you might never achieve the results you are hoping for.

Here is the scenario that is playing out in gyms across the country right now. The fitness trainers put their clients through 6-7 hours of aerobic training every week for several months at a time. Towards the end of that cycle, the clients become frustrated because their physique never really changes. So the reaction of the brilliant trainers is simply to encourage them to stick with the program, or even worse…increase the hours of cardio.

So how do you overcome this problem? Do you really need to add more cardio? Absolutely not! Adding extra aerobic activity to your gym routine will solve the lack of results issue. Surprisingly, performing 6-7 hours of of cardio will not help boost your metabolism. As a matter of fact, it most likely will slow down your metabolism!

The misconceptions about aerobic training run deep in practically all the gyms I’ve been to in the past. Most people have been led to believe that aerobic training is the silver-bullet to weight loss. There seems to be a huge gap of common knowledge about aerobic training which most people are not aware exists. The fact of the matter is that aerobic training is not the solution to weight loss. From now on, I want you to forget about all those long and boring cardio workouts. Going down that road is not going to get you the washboard abs that you are striving for every time you visit your gym.

Let me take you through a brief explanation of why people mistakenly believe that steady-state aerobic activity (i.e. running for 30-60 minutes) is the solution to losing fat.

Let me start with a real-life example. If you compare the best long-distance runners (people that run for several hours) and the best power sprinters (less than 60 seconds), which one do you think is leaner? If you said the long-distance runner, you are wrong. Let me explain…

2. More CitiesAlthough California, Texas and New York are the states where Zumba is the most popular, it has spread to the rest of the United States as well as around the world. You can see a rise in popularity in countries such as Japan, Mexico and Europe, making this a truly international experience. Everyone reports that the moves are so easy to do and easy to follow allowing them to enjoy the fun of dancing as well as enjoying the music. When it’s used as a workout in a group setting everyone can watch those around them and have fun with them instead of worrying if they are doing the right steps.

Many towns have a YMCA or other community club with indoor warm water pools. Call these institutes for information about open swim times. Several also offer organized water aerobics classes with trained instructors. A lot of people do better in a structured class atmosphere than they would do on their own. Other class members can recommend encouragement & fellowship along with the exercise.
Water Exercise Instruction

If you have the correct facility & want to do it on your own or with a pal in a less structured manner you will still require knowing how to exercise. Soon I will be discussing about it also

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