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The benefits of aerobic activity are many, and all should be encourage to participate in it. Even if there are chronic health conditions present, regular best ab workouts can be tailored to fit the individual’s needs. You should get your family doctor advise before you start on any form of exercise, and if excessive shortness of breath or chest pain is present, then the activity should be stopped immediately. You need to start out slowly until your tolerance level is there. A work out does not necessarily have to strenuous to be effective. Everyone say that it is no pain no gain, but this is not true. However, it is normal for someone who has never exercised or done so infrequently to experience some slight discomfort after beginning a work out program, but these symptoms should go away after the body becomes more accustomed to being active.

Regular aerobic activity should put the heart in the cardio target zone, which is computed simply by subtracting the age from 220. This number of then multiplied by 85%, the result being the maximum rate at which the heart should beating during aerobic activity. Beginners should  only work out at 70-75% their target heart rate until their bodies become more accustomed to higher aerobic activity levels. It’s good to start out slow and gradually increase aerobic activity as tolerated, maybe with just a walk around the block. Any bit of aerobic activity is still better than nothing at all, so move your butt! No excuses!

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Take the stairs instead of the elevator, take a brisk walk around the building at lunch time, ride a bike or walk to work if within a reasonable distance, or park further away to get a short walk in.

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