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It seems that the perfect image of the perfect body more and more defines the way people perceive themselves. Men and women strive to get abs of steel, eliminate the fat for good and develop a body shape that would get them wows. It may sound ironic, but the ‘abs of steel’ myth is usually powered not by some poor movie, but by amateur athletes who long for the professional six-pack look. Despite what magazines, television shows and e-guides may tell you, developing good abdominal muscles is a more than difficult task.

Genetics, lifestyle, overall physiognomy, health condition and age have a word to say for the failure or success of training routines. Not everyone has the right body to enhance abs of steel or the six pack. And there couldn’t be a simpler explanation. The anatomical structure is influenced by genetic pre-disposition, and despite a flat abdomen, the muscles may still not get visible.

It is very naive to believe all the advertising blah-blah used in magazines or the confident promises in e-guides. There is no absolute formula to get abs of steel for everybody. Magazines and program authors want people to believe that it is very easy to get in a great body shape and develop muscle mass. Lots of them promise real muscle growth with minimum training, which sounds good but phony if we think how hard the gym workout really is.

Diet and lifestyle influence any gym training program. Food provides energy, and if you know what to eat in terms of useful fat, protein, carbs and vitamins, there will hardly be any need to use supplements. For a nicely shaped body, whether closer to or further from the so-called abs of steel, it is important to be balanced in all your training routines and expectations. Don’t set too high goals and impossible hopes because you may end up with a big disillusionment.

Abs of steel take time to develop, this is something many advertisers forget to mention. You can’t expect to see muscle mass growth and body shaping after two or three weeks of gym training. Moreover, if you want to stay fit, you’ll need to train constantly, following a fitness regime and committing to healthy habits only. Sounds hard but this may not be just the way to flatten the abdomen but also the door to an improved existence.

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