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Lots of people long for a nice six pack, but abdominal muscles are not that easy to shape. Besides a very intense ab workout, one also needs to follow a close diet and a training routine meant to burn the fat deposits on the stomach and around the waist. The ab workout is influenced by several factors. And under-training or over-training are the main mistakes that you could make. Here are a few tips to help one develop a good ab workout routine.

ab workouts

Regardless of the level of training, you should organize the ab workout by abdominal circuits. The exercises have to be performed at least two or three times a week, allowing for the strengthening of the abdominal muscles while also respecting the necessary rest period. Results will show up sooner afterwards.

abs workout

All the abdominal and waist muscles should be trained, therefore, do not neglect the obliques, the lower or the upper abdominals. Organize the ab workout according to sets of exercises with a certain number of repetitions. A harmonious muscle growth will occur if you increase the number of reps with no more than two per week. If the same number of reps is performed constantly, a training plateau would appear, and there would be no evolution at all.

Then, the variation of the exercises is also important in an ab workout. The number of possible training routines is not at all small, and one can actually find an individual pattern to suit personal needs. Even so, don’t make the mistake of believing that the ab workout can get you rid of the belly fat. That is probably the biggest myth of weight loss ever. Large fat deposits can very well hide hard-rock muscles. Therefore any form of abdominal training should be supported by cardio exercises and diet.

ab workout

Strength training, regular cardio exercises and low-calorie diets fully support the ab workout. Remember that the abdominals are just some other muscles in the body, and that the rest need your attention too. After constant monitoring and lots of efforts, many people discover that the six pack is out of reach even if they have a flat abdomen. Physiognomy and genetics have a heavy word in the matter, which is why a realistic view of the fitness goals is essential for a self-contented lifestyle.

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