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If you are wanting to become a body builder or you are already a seasoned body builder, but you need to build more muscle mass, you will need a good, successful bpody building strategy. Having a strategy will help you to acheive this goal effectively and you need to implement it today. If you think spending a lifetime in the gym, lifting umpteen weights and spending hours and hours training hard, then forget it and fast. Training in this way will only lead to exhaustion, fatigue and possibly injury, not to successful body building and muscle growth.

There are five body building exercise elements that will need to be implemented in a body building strategy to be successful in muscle growth. These five elements are as follows, strength training, endurance training, aerobic exercise, good and healthy nutrition and finally a decent nigths sleep.

You may think this sounds like rubbish or too much like hard work and then carry on with going to the gym every single day  and seriously over working your body, maybe resulting in injury that could be permament. The fact of it is, you will spend the least amount of time in the gym.

The strength training is completed in the gym, but can be done in as little a time as three minutes, three times a week, working two muscle groups each day, for roughly one and a half minutes. Do not think about sets and reps. Think in terms of time spent doing the actual exercise.

The endurance training comes from a mix of both the strength training and following with aerobic exercise. It is your ability to endure, and this isn’t even something that you really need to think about as long as you are doing everything else. It builds on its own, naturally.

You may think that you only need aerobic exercise if you want to lose weight successfully. Losing weight is not what bodybuilders normally are trying to do, but aerobic exercise is still necessary. It will help you build muscle, keep fat off, build endurance, and strengthen your heart. You will need to participate in such aerobic activity three times per week, for 30 minutes at least.

If you want your muscles to grow successfully then to do this you have to feed them properly. Follow a good, healthy diet for muscle building. Make sure you include protein, as well as other needed vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. A balanced diet is paramount.

Last but not least, you will need plenty of rest. Your muscles will not grow when you are lifting weights. They will grow when you are resting and sleeping, after lifting weights, when the muscles are repairing themselves. Make sure that you are getting eight to ten hours of rest each night at least, other wise you will become fatigued.

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