6 Best Bodybuilding Exercises

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Many beginner bodybuilders engage in bodybuilding exercises meant to isolate the muscles. Of course, isolation exercises have their purpose but when you want to pack on the muscle, big compound exercises are the best. Furthermore, when doing these compound bodybuilding exercises, you must always remember to adopt the proper technique, to provide rest periods and to eat right. As with any bodybuilding program there are 3 main components to a healthy and muscular physique, they are, correct exercises, adequate rest and a balanced high protein diet.


Squats are known as the ‘daddy’ of bodybuilding exercises, they target the entire legs from quadriceps to the calves and even the lower back, as a result builds up your core strength too. Indeed, when you regularly perform squats, you can pack in the pounds and the muscles in less time than with other exercises. Always perform the squat with an experienced spotter or inside the power cage to ensure your safety.

Leg Presses

The leg press is considered to be the best of all bodybuilding exercises to develop strength in your quadriceps, calves and hamstrings. Leg presses can be used to determine your overall leg strength including your knee joint and ankle extensions. To ensure you do leg presses properly you must use the appropriate machine that allows you to push the weight away from your body, either in a sitting or laying down platform.


If you want to build up you overall body mass, the deadlift is the most beneficial workout you can do. A word of caution though, this workout must be performed with correct technique as you can damage you back and even your spine. Basically, you lift a loaded barbell off the ground starting from a stable bent-over position.

Bench Press

What the squat is for the lower body, the bench press is for the upper body Infact, it’s probably the best exercise you can do for your entire upper body. To perform this exercise, you get into a laying position on a weight bench and lower a barbell to your chest the push it as far as arms reach.


The dip is also one of the best compound bodybuilding exercises because it develops many muscles in your chest area as well as in the shoulders and arms in one single repetition. Due to the simplicity of this exercise no fancy machines are required. To use dips for triceps emphasis, you should keep your body straight at all times.

Chin Ups

For the best of all chins ups, you have to perform wide grip chin-ups. If you wish to built a wide back, this exercise must be incorporated into your workouts regime. As a result from dips your entire arms will also benefit from the motion.

Keep in mind that the above mentioned bodybuilding exercises are only effective if and when you exert sufficient effort to perform them.  Most importantly, you should not be training more than 5 days a week, rest is necessary to builf your muscles.

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