5 Steps to Growing Muscle

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The theory behind gaining muscle is a pretty simple one. Training prepares your muscle to grow. Allow your body the space and time to build muscle. For your muscles to grow bigger, you need to feed your body well. That’s all there is to it.

The problem is that very few people follow this plan the way it should be followed. So here are 5 rules that are guaranteed to pack on the muscle. Use these 5 rules and see the results.

Rule 1.

Use the heaviest weights that you can manage safely. Stick with good form. Don’t go overboard with the weight you are trying to use. Don’t show off about how much weight you use. As long as you find the weight a real challenge, then that is all that matters.

Rule 2.

Forget about the simple exercises they will only work a couple of muscles, you need to hit all your muscles. Too many people waste their energy doing exercises which are going to give them the least results. You want to be using exercises that target numerous areas of your body. The deadlift for example gives your entire body a workout. Train using the large exercises.

Rule 3.

Train progressively, this means that no workout that you do will be the same. You need to keep doing more to get the muscle built up. You will have improved even if you just do one rep than the previous workout. The more that you improve, the bigger you will get.

Rule 4.

Eat more healthier foods. Your body needs to have the right fuel to be able to build muscle. Your body cannot create  muscle out of junk food. Eat plenty of lean protein. Vegetables are great for you. Try eating more fish. Never go 4 hours without having something to eat.

Rule 5.

Rest as much as you can. Your body will only build muscle while you are resting. For your body to do it’s job, so don’t train too often. You want your body to be focused on using it’s resources to build muscle. You don’t want your resources being wasted on other activities. If you want to run, then be a runner. You’ll only get big while you stay out of the gym.

It’s as easy as that! 5 simple rules that will let you build muscle in a matter of months, if followed. It’s easy when you think about it, stick to a exercise plan and you will gain muscle.

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