3 Quick Tips For A Bigger Bench Press

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So, how many kilos can you bench? It is certainly one of the top few questions that weight trainers like to ask each other around the world. In fact the amount you can bench is a great yardstick for over all strength and is probably the best way to gain muscle mass on your upper body and therefore the exercise has reached almost mythical status. So in this article we will provide you with three tips for developing your bench press.

1) Use drop-sets. These are really effective for giving your chest a massive muscle burn and really stressing the muscles. To do these quite simply do your bench-press exercise as normal but once you can no longer do anymore reps simply take off a weight disc and bang out as many more reps as you possibly can. Then lower the weight yet again and do as many more as you can. Keep reducing the weight on the bar in this style until their is no weight left on the bar or until you cannot complete any more repetitions. This is a very intense technique and will leave you sore for a few days after. Keep your protein intake at a high level to ensure your muscle grow back stronger as soon as possible and to get rid of the muscle soreness.

2) Cease training your chest. Instead give your triceps a separate workout. By doing so you can focus on strengthening your tricep muscle a great deal more. Once you have done this for 3-4 weeks return to your regular bench-pressing workout and you will are highly likely to top your previous best bench-press. This is due to the fact that your chest will have had a really good rest period to completely recover from all of your previous workouts and also your triceps will now possess greater strength. As your triceps do a great deal of the work along with your chest muscles when benchpressing it stands to reason that you will be able to press more.

3) 10 sets of 10 repetitions. Arnold Schwarzenegger was a fan of this method and was the first person to bring it to real prominence. Basically you benchpress as much weight as you can possibly cope with for ten repetitions and then do another ten reps. Repeat this until you have done ten sets of ten reps. You will have to reduce the weight each time and have to give yourself a two to three minute break between sets. The point of this is to provide your muscle withe some really unique stimuli for growth. Once more expect to be particularly sore for maybe a week or so following this workout but also expect increase your maximum bench-press on your return to the gym. This is perhaps the fastest way to gain muscle on your chest if done correctly nd is great no no nonsense muscle building.

OK, I hope you found that useful so why not go ahead and give those tips a try in your next pecs workout.

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