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Everyone wants to get bigger and they don’t want to wait. Many people despite putting in a great deal of effort are not seeing much progress. If that sounds familiar then take a look at these tips, ensure you are doing them and you will definitely boost your progress! Here are great fast ways to gain weight:
Tip 1: Control your cortisol levels. Cortisol is pretty much the opposite to testosterone. This means that in order to build muscle we need to produce as little amount of this hormone as possible. There are a couple of key things you have to do to achieve this

a) Keep your workout to less than 1 hour. Cortisol is released when muscles are placed under stress. Working out with weights is obviously stressful for the muscles and therefore it is released. After the 45 minute mark cortisol levels rise a great deal and begin to start sabotaging your muscle building attempts due to the fact that it will enable the body to start using the bodies muscles as energy.
b) restrict your aerobic workouts. Again cardio workouts place great stress on the body thus they should be kept to a sensible amount 2 or 3 twenty minutes sessions per week would suffice if you are looking to gain muscle.
Tip 2: GOMAD. Not really go mad but try the GOMAD approach. This means a Gallon Of Milk A Day. One reason many people do not get bigger is they simply do not consume enough calories to provide their bodies with enough surplus energy to support muscle growth. Simply put if you fail to take on board a net surplus amount of calories then you will never have any spare calories to support muscle growth and thus never gain any muscle mass regardless of how hard you train.
As milk is full of protein it is a tremendous source of useful calories and following this plaqn will ensure that you never go short on calories or protein.
Tip 3: Perform squats! Perfrom squats at least once a week. As the bodies core needs to be kept stable to perform this exercise well all the bodies major muscle groups are used. Your body is pumped full of muscle building hormones whilst performing squats due to it being such a stressful exercise for the muscles. Having this exercise in your workout plan will give you a massive head start piling on muscle mass.
I hope you enjoyed the tips, if you would like more information I highly recommend the no nonsense muscle building program, it’s a step by step plan to pile on heaps of muscle mass fast. If however you are more interested in fat burning then the burn the fat feed the muscle book is more likely to hit the spot!

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