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In the video above, you got a sneek look at what's inside the members area of Vince DelMonte's fitness program, so now you can see just why it's the bestselling gym workouts program on the web!

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If you’ve just watched the video above, you’ll know that in the last few weeks I’ve swapped a lot of fat for muscle with one of the best gym workouts on the web, Vince DelMonte’s “No Nonsense Muscle Building.  And, having had a look inside his Members’ Area, you’ll not be surprised by what I’ve achieved in a short time!  Vince’s program is comprehensive and more importantly, it works!


You saw the photos of me just a few weeks ago, a fat, unfit guy struggling to climb those Welsh hills.  When I was younger weight wasn’t an issue, but now I’ve turned 40 the pounds just seem to sneak on. When I saw the photos in the video I was horrified, I suddenly understood why my wife kept calling me fatty!  It was then I knew that I just had to put some effort into getting the weight off, there was nothing else for it, I would have to go to the gym!


Actually I enjoy gym workouts once I’m actually there, but its the thought of going that’s the problem, particularly once I’ve gotten out of


I went online and searched for gym workouts that promised fast results. Hey, if I’ve got to go to the gym, I might as well get the most from the time spent there. I was actually looking for free workout ideas, but I kept coming over reviews of Vince’s program,  “No Nonsense Muscle Building”.


The majority of the reviews were very favourable, but a few negative ones put doubts in my mind, claiming that his program was simply a scam. (I can tell you now that I have the program, that any negative reviews must be written by people who have never seen the program contents, let alone bought it themselves!) .  After some debate I decided to part with my cash, after all it came with a money back guarantee.  


My wife says buying Vince’s program is the best money I’ve spent for a long time (she really was fed up with being married to a fat guy)!



Vince Del Monte

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I’ve got a long way to go before I look like Vince Del Monte, but I’m more than pleased with the results I’ve achieved in just a few short weeks. My body shape and composition have changed considerably. His advice on fitness, muscle building and nutrition is really
excellent, I’ve learnt a lot.


Here’s what you’ll learn in Vince’s “219 Page” book …



Gym Workouts 

All 219 pages are very well written and easy to understand.  Chapter 1 covers the importance of having personal goals and targets, and on having the right mindset to succeed.


Chapter 2 is all about common mistakes inherent in a lot of gym workout programs, and covers topics such as the truth about supplements, low intensity workouts, split routines and the benefits of high and low reps.


Having covered a lot of fitness theories, Chapter 3 explains in detail exactly why Vince’s methods do what they say on the tin, they build muscle!  He goes over the importance of lifting heavy weights, performing high reps and the fundamental program principle of progressive overload.  Once you’ve read the first three chapters, I guarantee your workouts will never be the same again!


Chapter 4 covers the importance of rapid recovery if you are to maximise your gains in a short space of time.  The more gym workouts you perform each week the faster your muscle will grow, and the more fat you’ll burn … BUT, only if your body has recovered from the shock of your last workout!  If you overtrain with fatigued muscles you will see no improvements.  Vince goes into a lot of detail about rest periods, sleep and the right nutrition for accelerated recovery.


Chapter 5 is all about hormones and how your body reacts to working out, stress and the food you eat.  For most of us, even experienced bodybuilders, there is again a lot to learn in this section of the book.


Chapter 6 covers the hot topic of fat burning (one close to my heart) and in particular debates the benefits of aerobic versus anorobic exercise in relation to fat loss and muscle building.  This section has radically changed my gym workouts in particular, with great results!


Chapter 7 is a massive chapter covering the hugely important subject of food and nutrition.  I’ll be the first to admit that I need to read this chapter again and more closely follow Vince’s meal plans.  I have changed the way I eat, and what I eat, but not to any real degree, but now I’m seeing results I will.


The next chapter about supplements is one I skipped in the main as I have never used them.  But if you are a serious bodybuilder you should probably read it, I probably will in the future.  Chapter 9 covers injury prevention with some good tips based on the advice earlier in the book.


That leaves 80 pages covering the various program workouts.  There are 29 week programs for beginners, intermediates and advanced body builders.  There are also plans spefically for progressive muscle gain, rapid bulking up, maintenance and fat cutting.  Basically there is a lot for everyone!


On top of this there are lots of videos covering everything in the book, metabolic calculators and lots of meal plans and nutrition


No Nonsense Muscle Building


In summary, I seriously recommend this Vince’s program to anyone looking to burn fat, build muscle or simply get fitter. It really is far
more than just a body building course, it caters for everyone. It’s extremely well put together and I think it must be one of the best gym workout programs on the net, if not the best.


If you are serious about building muscle quickly, burning fat and getting a six pack, then you have to go and give this program a try!


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